And Then There Were Five: Siobhan Magnus Leaves Idol

After tonight, we are down to the final 5 for American Idol.  Shania Twain week was a huge success.  The final 6 all sang well and it was a tough call who would be going home.  Only Simon thought Siobhan’s performance was over the top.  The other judges loved it.  America agreed with Simon, as usual.

It’s anybody’s game.  Crystal Bowersox is the favorite however, she is getting stiff competition from the other four contestants. 

Everybody should be in it to win it.

2 comments on “And Then There Were Five: Siobhan Magnus Leaves Idol

  1. I will miss Siobhan. She was not the most talented contestant, and her high notes could be a bit, um, screechy at times – BUT – she was a bit of “hot pink” in the sea of beige that is AI this year.

    It was worth tuning in just to see what she would be doing. I can’t say that about any other current contestant.

    She was no Adam Lambert – but she was entertaining!

  2. LOL! I think Simon said her last note Tuesday night sounded like someone giving birth or something along those lines. I have seen articles about her called her a wailer and a screamer. They were quite funny. She was on Ellen today and sang “House of the Rising Sun”. Actually it was the best thing I heard her sing.

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