And Then There Were Five: Siobhan Magnus Leaves Idol

After tonight, we are down to the final 5 for American Idol.  Shania Twain week was a huge success.  The final 6 all sang well and it was a tough call who would be going home.  Only Simon thought Siobhan’s performance was over the top.  The other judges loved it.  America agreed with Simon, as usual.

It’s anybody’s game.  Crystal Bowersox is the favorite however, she is getting stiff competition from the other four contestants. 

Everybody should be in it to win it.

Bethlehem Area School District Proposed Budget To Slash Teaching Positions And Raise Taxes

Our neighbor to the north is having a great deal of difficulty balancing their school district budget too!

Bethlehem Area School District, which has 15,000+ students is proposing a $207 million dollar budget which slashes 6 administrators, 35 teaching positions and raises taxes 6.1%.  This comes one short year after the district got off the state’s academically troubled list!

Last year the district slashed 45 positions and raised taxes 5.1%.  Debt accounts for 30% of their budget!  In November the district’s credit rating was downgraded.

Things are tough all over folks!

Drug Related Murder In Hamburg

When it rains it pours.  Normally quiet Hamburg had a drug related murder on April 16th.  This was Hamburg’s first murder in three decades!  The scene of the crime was a known drug house. 

Hamburg has a tiny police department and isn’t equiped to follow-up on drug activity and leads.  There is usually only one officer on at a time in this small borough of 4,200 residents.

The people involved were all local area residents.  Neighbors suspected drug activity because people came and went from the house at all hours of the day and night.

Double Murder In Amity Township

This is really weird, especially because of the silence being maintained on what happened and that Amity isn’t exactly a hotbed of crime so murder is very rare and a double murder….

I hope this is wrapped up quickly and whoever is responsible is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.