Pottstown School Board News

Mr. Hylton’s latest scheme was crushed at the voting meeting of the Pottstown School Board on Thursday evening.  Mr. Hylton’s plan to chop a huge number of support staff from the school district was opposed 6-3.  Even BFF Dennis Wausnock voted against Hylton’s slash and burn budget proposal.  Only Valerie Harris and Nat White voted to support Hylton BUT Ms. Harris said she wouldn’t necessarily vote for additional staff cuts.

Are you getting a clue yet Tom???  By now it should be starting to sink in that your “ideas” and “fixes” are unpopular to say the least.

Anybody ready to take back their vote for Hylton yet?

Evidently these “stunts” are what we have to look forward to during Mr. Hylton’s tenure on the school board.  Pretty soon it will be 8 – 1 opposed.  His friends are fading fast.

4 comments on “Pottstown School Board News

  1. Whats important is not to judge the idea based on who offers it, but on the merits of said idea. I don’t agree that we should fire more people to trim a budget when there is more than $1.3 million out there in unpaid taxes, or when we risk running afoul of federal and state mandates. Collect all the taxes due, then re-evaluate. Many folks don’t find Mr.Hylton to be their particular cup of tea, but we should be considering every idea from everyone who has one. We are all in this together!!!

  2. If Mr. Hylton would present an idea with merit I would support it. However, I haven’t heard one yet. Thus far, these ideas always have a fatal flaw.

  3. Ideas, you say…seems more like Mr. Hylton has a playbook and this is just one of the many ‘plays’ he will try to initiate during his tenure.

    His playbook might not be all bad and some of his thoughts do have merit BUT it’d be my preference if he didn’t seem to always be trying to ‘backdoor’ his ideas into motions at voting meetings AND it seems like they come about at the last minute and therefore the public, at large, has no idea they even exist – until they read a story in the paper…that is not very open government, to me.

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