Unpaid Bills Must Be Collected

Pottstown Borough and School District have unpaid property taxes and other bills that are enough to balance the budget deficit.  For some unknown reason, we are not aggressively collecting these funds.  School Board member Michele Pargeon wanted to know who has the power?  I hope we get an answer to this question and somebody gives a green light to go after this money. 

Why should absentee landlords and deadbeats make our taxes go up and cause employees to be laid off because we are unable to balance the borough and school district budgets?  Inquiring minds want to know.

It is time to get tough and collect this money or start property foreclosures, deny occupancy permits, turn of water and sewer services etc…  Stop making the majority suffer for the bad behavior of a few people.  Everybody is suffering because we will not punish a few bad apples.  This is not a fair and equitable way to handle problems.

Time for a new game plan folks!  This one ain’t workin’!

Pottstown School Board News

Mr. Hylton’s latest scheme was crushed at the voting meeting of the Pottstown School Board on Thursday evening.  Mr. Hylton’s plan to chop a huge number of support staff from the school district was opposed 6-3.  Even BFF Dennis Wausnock voted against Hylton’s slash and burn budget proposal.  Only Valerie Harris and Nat White voted to support Hylton BUT Ms. Harris said she wouldn’t necessarily vote for additional staff cuts.

Are you getting a clue yet Tom???  By now it should be starting to sink in that your “ideas” and “fixes” are unpopular to say the least.

Anybody ready to take back their vote for Hylton yet?

Evidently these “stunts” are what we have to look forward to during Mr. Hylton’s tenure on the school board.  Pretty soon it will be 8 – 1 opposed.  His friends are fading fast.