Tim Urban Goes Home As Idol Gives Back

Teflon Tim Urban, a very likable young man, was sent home last night at the end of Idol Gives Back.  Honestly, I thought Casey would go home first based on the criticism from the judges but somebody had to be eliminated.  We quickly recapped Tim’s journey although he was spared from his “swan song” as the show ran way long as Ryan kept telling us it would.

Great show last night topped off with a performance from Elton John.  Carey Underwood was her usual phenomenal self.  Mary J Blige rocked the house with an all-star version of the Led Zepplin classic “Stairway To Heaven”.  Randy Jackson played bass along with other notable stars in the band.

Next week is Shania Twain week so that should be a great show.  It will be nice to see Shania back after a long public absence as the result of her devastating marital problems.

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