Tom Hylton’s Latest Plan

Where to begin….. yesterday we were treated to yet another paid propaganda fest in the Mercury from Mr. Hylton defending his plan to chop away at the school district staff. 

Frankly, I find these ads annoying.  It’s overkill.  What other school board member is putting paid ads in the Mercury to garner support for their ideas?  Hello!  None!

Before we go whacking away at the staff, we better be darn sure any decisions we make are not going to jeopardize our children’s education and safety.  There are state and federal guidelines regarding required staffing for things like Special Education.  As we discovered in the past, what Mr. Hylton thinks he knows isn’t always correct.  Case in point, the recent Sunshine Law debacle he created.

Again, why exactly are why relying on Tom Hylton’s say so?  We have an administrative staff that seems to be constantly ignored when it comes to making decisions about PSD.  These are trained professionals whose job it is to be well versed in curriculum, staffing and other educational requirements.  It would appear Mr. Hylton seems to routinely circumvent these people.

This situation is out of control.  Mr. Hylton seems to be constantly over-stepping his bounds.  Something needs to drastically change here!

4 comments on “Tom Hylton’s Latest Plan

  1. Roy, you couldn’t be MORE right!! ONLY when there is a good working relationship between SB and Administrators do districts see progress, unity and success that builds on itself.

    This cultivated dysfunctional relationship is damaging to the whole town and if people think it doesn’t eventually trickle down to the students they are deluded and/or blind to the horror that is going on, thanks to a single ‘ring leader’.

    I really wish that the professionals could be treated with more respect – they may not always be right but they always deserve an opportunity to weigh in on important decisions AND are due the chance to make a case for the students and their needs.

    One person shouldn’t be allowed to make such grandious statements without having consulted the experts or making the Board President aware of his thoughts…more than a few hours prior to the meeting, as seems to be a common trend.

    I, too, have a problem with misusing the newspaper to attempt to single-handedly sway public opinion. It makes no nevermind to me how many groups or causes a person supports BUT when a person utilizes the local paper to only tell one side of the story it ‘grinds my gears’! IF you ask me, it’s kinda like buying support (or votes) for your theories and while others might have the ability to do it does not mean they have the means.

    Add this to the line item budget…money for any one of the other 8 SB members to write their own comments as they see fit – same number of times, same price. Say, while we are at it – let’s crate a policy that makes any sitting SB member circulate their submissions to the paper to ALL the other members. How’s that sound?

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