Kate Gets The Boot From Dancing With The Stars

I do not watch DWTS but you do not have to be living under a rock to know Kate Gosselin was a contestant on the show.

Finally, Kate was voted off the island last night.  There are no depths that this woman won’t sink to in the effort to self-promote and make a buck.  Evidently her dancing skills are lacking from many reports around the internet.

But have no fear, we haven’t seen the last of Kate yet.  Now she can devote her full attention to her new reality show on TLC

Good Lord, deliver us!

8 comments on “Kate Gets The Boot From Dancing With The Stars

  1. Talk about a ‘stiff’…she HAD to go! I’ve not been doing a lot of watching EXCEPT to see her get the the boot. It’s not easy to ballroom or be a mom of 8 – but dancing made her look like a perfect Mom, if you get my drift.

    We’re all better off, especially Tony D. (her former partner).

  2. How can anyone possibly think that Kate “Just Look At Wonderful ME” Gosselin is a CELEBRITY? If it weren’t for that awful TLC show that is mercifully off the air, no one except her neighbors would ever know who she was/is. And from what I understand, the names they have for her are NOT polite. She is, shall we say, difficult.

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