Kate Gets The Boot From Dancing With The Stars

I do not watch DWTS but you do not have to be living under a rock to know Kate Gosselin was a contestant on the show.

Finally, Kate was voted off the island last night.  There are no depths that this woman won’t sink to in the effort to self-promote and make a buck.  Evidently her dancing skills are lacking from many reports around the internet.

But have no fear, we haven’t seen the last of Kate yet.  Now she can devote her full attention to her new reality show on TLC

Good Lord, deliver us!

Sound Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am seriously questioning the journalistic integrity of the Pottstown Mercury. 

In today’s Sound Off, some highly evolved reader made the statement “To the person who wants to know why people don’t return their shopping carts is because nobody in Pottstown pays for groceries anyway.”

What the hell kind of comment is that and why are these comments given credence by printing them???????  This is just one example of what I am talking about.  Many are far worse!  If you are going to make ridiculous, uneducated generalizations like this, have the guts to sign your name! 

Shame on you Mercury for perpetuating a culture of racism and classism.  You are encouraging hatemongerimg by printing this tripe!

I have no link to The Mercury on my Blog Roll.  Ever wonder why?  Now you know!

Tom Hylton’s Latest Plan

Where to begin….. yesterday we were treated to yet another paid propaganda fest in the Mercury from Mr. Hylton defending his plan to chop away at the school district staff. 

Frankly, I find these ads annoying.  It’s overkill.  What other school board member is putting paid ads in the Mercury to garner support for their ideas?  Hello!  None!

Before we go whacking away at the staff, we better be darn sure any decisions we make are not going to jeopardize our children’s education and safety.  There are state and federal guidelines regarding required staffing for things like Special Education.  As we discovered in the past, what Mr. Hylton thinks he knows isn’t always correct.  Case in point, the recent Sunshine Law debacle he created.

Again, why exactly are why relying on Tom Hylton’s say so?  We have an administrative staff that seems to be constantly ignored when it comes to making decisions about PSD.  These are trained professionals whose job it is to be well versed in curriculum, staffing and other educational requirements.  It would appear Mr. Hylton seems to routinely circumvent these people.

This situation is out of control.  Mr. Hylton seems to be constantly over-stepping his bounds.  Something needs to drastically change here!

Camp Hill School District Budget Woes

Pottstown isn’t the only school district in Pennsylvania with serious budget problems.  Camp Hill, PA (suburban Harrisburg) is facing a possible 9.5% tax increase for the 2010-2011 school year.  According to business manager Christine Hakes, there is little room for cost cutting.  The budget reflects a 5.1% spending increase.

Like Pottstown SD, Camp Hill SD includes only Camp Hill Borough. The borough of Camp Hill has 7636 residents (2000 census) and the school district has 1150 students (per the district website).  The district covers 2 square miles.  The geographic area and student population is about 1/3 the size of PSD.

Camp Hill is a more affluent community with a median household income of $50,744 vs. Pottstown’s media household income is $35,785 per Wikipedia.  

Over 90% of Camp Hill High School graduates pursue higher education and most residents are college educated according to the school district website.

Things are tough all over, even in communities with better demographics!