Update On 422 Shooter

John A. Yannarell, of Gilbertsville posted bail and has been released from the Montgomery County prison.  He posted a $50,000 cash bail (bail was set at $500,000 and the accused pays 10% of that amount).

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 21st.

Inquiring minds want to know…. will he be commuting on 422 between now and the hearing?  Considering the seriousness of this offense, are we safe with this individual on the loose?  I understand there are two sides to every story, however, shooting someone isn’t rational behavior.

6 comments on “Update On 422 Shooter

  1. And now he’s trying to say he’s not a monster and shouldn’t be judged until the facts come out. He’s also trying to say that he’s also a victim as he’s been cut off before and given hand gestures, etc… something tells me no one ever shot at him!

    And if you go to his twitter page he’s a piece of work.

  2. It’s that whole I won’t take responsibility for my bad behavior cop out. Like you said, no one ever shot at him. Hard to feel sympathetic toward someone with a rage problem and who put the innocent motoring public in jeopardy by shooting a gun on 422. Seriously, what goes through some people’s heads??

  3. If he’s such a Nice Guy, why does he drive around with a loaded gun in his car? He admits he’s cut other people off, yet when it happens to him, he goes off the deep end and actually USES that loaded gun! The man is a monster. He exhibits no remorse for his actions but, instead, tried to justify them and make himself look like the injured party. He cries about the event totally changing his life! NO KIDDING! Maybe he should have tried counting to ten instead of trying to take out a fellow commuter. I hope to heck he’s not allowed to be driving to work anymore!! I travel 422 East every day!

  4. Turns out he committed suicide this morning. He didnt show up for court and police raided his house to find him lying dead in his bedroom.

  5. The Mercury reported today that he was under suspicion for another shooting on Route 100 and had a history of traffic violations but no criminal record. He was a very troubled individual. I guess he thought his life was ruined by all this, especially with two incidents pending. Very sad indeed.

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