Giant Supermarkets Recall Product

McCormick Fajita Seasoning Mix, 1.2-ounce size, has a UPC code of 5210002121 and “Best by” dates of JAN 16 12 AH and JAN 126 12 CH.   This product contains wheat and milk ingredients not listed on the label!

You can bring your receipt to Giant for a full refund if you purchased this product.

Just Say No To Tolls On Interstate 80

The Federal Highway Administration has turned down Ed Rendell’s request to make Interstate 80 a toll road in Pennsylvania.  The road runs the entire length of Pennsylvania through rural counties with historically higher unemployment.

Rendell stated this was the third and last attempt by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to make I-80 a toll road.

We need some better “outside the box” solutions coming out of Harrisburg!