Thank You!

Many thanks to my friends at SavePottstown! and Pottstown’s Blog for their kindness and support!  Look what has been accomplished by working together, supporting each other and speaking with a unified voice and having a unified vision.  It is awesome beyond words.

This is only the beginning.  I know my friends at SavePottstown!, Pottstown’s Blog and others in the local media are deeply committed to moving our community forward and making it all it can be.  Groups like Code Blue and Citizens For Pottstown’s Revitalization are crucial to keeping the public focused on the tasks at hand.

We are at a fork in the road right now.  All things are aligning that will give Pottstown a choice in which direction to head.  We can keep the good old boy network, things like they have always been, don’t like change, the same people running the show etc… or we can boldly move forward and propel Pottstown to its rightful place in our region and Pennsylvania.

Change is scary and it is not easy.  People will resist, some people will lose their power while others will gain power.  If we truly care about our fair city, we need to leave our personal feelings and agendas behind and do what is best for Pottstown.

It is time to move forward and stop living in the past.

Power to the Pottstown people!

6 comments on “Thank You!

  1. Roy,

    First time commentor, long time reader and HUGE fan!

    Powerful words in this post, my friend. You should consider submitting this to The Mercury. It would be great on the Opinion page!

    I’ve said several times now that what we all just did, TOGETHER, to stop that school plan was no small feat. This wasn’t just about a victory over some guy and this wasn’t just a victory for the schools. This was a victory for POTTSTOWN!

  2. Yes…Chris is right – POWERFUL words and observations, Roy!!

    It should be on the opinion page…another thing we need to work on! Letters to the editor make it, but on their time. Paid ads have a cost prohibitive pricing to ‘the little people’ in the town.

    Begs the question for me: Bulk rate to TH? What’s the deal, on paper and how can us ‘little people’ get in on it to weild that kind of ‘power’?

    According to Mr. Brandt, on a SP!! post, they recently had a reorganizational type meeting with the new owners…who are the new owners and how happy would they be/are they about discounts and preferential treatment?

    We need a level playing field to begin this new battle on, don’t you think?!?

  3. I think I’ll just “ditto” what I said earlier today on some other blog…with a couple of names changed:

    ‘Power to the Pottstown People!

    Just goes to show that sometimes it’s better to be underestimated…

    As the lyrics go, “you can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time! Now you see the light, you gotta stand up for your right!”

    Marley = Wisdom

    I must remind everyone that this wasn’t the end of the journey, but the beginning of an exciting new time when the people will have a voice – but only if we stay vigilante . If we are serious about turning our town into something desirable for ALL of us, it is our responsibility to continue to pay close attention to what is happening with our governing boards and the officials we elect. They won’t mind us watching one bit if they are behaving properly.

    Thanks for seeing through all of the … stuff certain people are saying about CodeBlue and really getting it, Roy.’

    But, I have to ditto the wiser words of fellow co-code bluer and friend Steph:

    ‘…the real work begins now!! We must help to shape the future we want and point out things which might not make sense or be ‘on target’!!

    No agendas, no threats of reelection or other issues…one town, one voice – one good result!’

    Like I said in the other blog, thanks for sifting through all of the … stuff certain people are saying about CodeBlue and really getting it, Roy.

    We are Code Blue – and we are Proud!


    Amy Francis
    Code Blue

  4. I’m not wiser…just beat you to the phrase!!

    Blue is as blue does…that’s what my MaMa always says!!

    It isn’t about being right or wrong, having the best idea or a ‘hum-dinger’…it’s about getting it right and putting it into motion without unnecessary roadblocks and people coming to the party late saying they don’t like the idea ‘all of a sudden’ and, “oh BTW we are going to vote you out of office…”. That has got to stop and people need to get involved in the process not stopping potential progress!!

    For the record…Amy, Marley is far wiser than you and I could ever be (don’t take it personally) – great idea to bring him into this (good karma)!!

    “Every little thing is gonna be alright…don’t worry ’bout a thing…”

    Maybe he should be played like ‘white noise’ during Task force meetings…usually puts everyone at ease (I have yet to meet a Marley-hater)

  5. Marley is far wiser, indeed! I would never presume otherwise, and I hope it never seemed as though I did, Steph! 🙂

    And, btw, I can’t imagine a “Marley-hater” – does such a beast exist?

    Power to the People!


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