Restaurant Review Of Olive Garden, Collegeville

Restaurant Review of Olive Garden, Collegeville Pennsylvania

On March 12th, I took a friend to the Collegeville Olive Garden for a birthday lunch.  We arrived at about 1:45 pm.  The restaurant was very busy but we were seated right away.

Our server Mayra was very nice.  She came to our table quickly, told us about the specials and took our drink order while we narrowed down which delectable treats we might choose.  She was back in a short amount of time with the drinks.  Mayra then proceeded to take our order.  The birthday girl decided on Braised Beef & Tortelloni.  I ordered Seafood Alfredo pasta.

Mayra brought us salad and garlic breadsticks (worth going just for that).  In a rather short amount of time the entrees arrived.  Actually, a little too soon but the food was hot and by the time I finished grazing on salad and breadsticks the food was still nice and warm.  I like a good 15 minutes to eat my salad before my entrée arrives.

The food was delicious.  The portions were just right and nicely presented.  My Seafood Alfredo was full of shrimp and scallops.  My friend’s braised beef was tender and delicious.  She used a bread stick to clean out her bowl.  We both made happy plates.

Mayra also refilled our salad bowl and was generous with the grated cheese!  My friend remarked several times that the coffee was delicious.  They bring you an urn so you can refill your cup at your convenience.  Mayra also kept my iced tea glass full.  She got points for that.

The ambience and décor were very nice.  Everything was clean and the staff was efficient.  All in all a very pleasant dining experience.

I give two thumbs up and look forward to a return visit!

2 comments on “Restaurant Review Of Olive Garden, Collegeville

  1. The birthday girl wants to say THANK YOU again for a wonderful day. Not only did Roy treat me to lunch, but also to a movie! Alice In Wonderland to be precise! The food was excellent and the movie was a hoot! (I wouldn’t recommend it for young children, however) Anyone who loves the sci fi and fantasy genres will love this movie! (The fact that Johnnie Depp is gorgeous, no matter WHAT his makeup looks like, doesn’t hurt either!)

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