Washington Street Corridor Updated Action Plan

Over the past 10 years, the Washington Street Corridor in Pottstown has undergone a drastic transformation, mainly due to the Genesis Housing Corporation. Genesis has rehabilitated more than 60 properties in Pottstown. If you drive through this area, you can see the dramatic results.

Rather than rest on their laurels and call it a day, the Washington Street Neighborhood Action Plan has been expanded to include a 10 block area, which covers 54 acres and includes 984 residential units.

Most recently, 424 Walnut Street has been acquired by this group for redevelopment. The building was severely damaged by fire and never torn down or rehabilitated due to difficulty in locating the owners. This is certainly an example of blight being addressed! Blight in Pottstown has been a ongoing problem for years. It does appear that slowly but surely this is being eradicated which is a huge quality of life issue for current residents and attracting new people to move into Pottstown.

The group is also looking at the recently vacated Dames Chevrolet property, the park at 423 Chestnut Street and the former Levengood Dairy building for redevelopment.

The eight member steering committee includes: Newstell Marable, Alison Hunter, David Garner, Michelle Borzick, Bill Sharon, Ellen Crain, Katrina Belcher and Thomas Hylton.

Keep up the good work! This is exactly the kind of action Pottstown needs as we move forward. Blight eradication is crucial to attracting new residents, business and industry aka the revitalization of Pottstown.

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