Pottstown School District Superintendent Search

With David Krem announcing his departure as Superintendent of Schools, the top job is open again.

I have noticed a number of people have called into Sound Off and mentioned Myra Forrest as a possible contender for this position.  Certainly she should be seriously considered.

Food for thought….any comments?

4 comments on “Pottstown School District Superintendent Search

  1. I am having difficulty believing anyone from outside would want to come here except a former cronie?

    Passing up Dr.s Lindley and Sparagana would be a mistake of EPIC proportion and it would lead me to believe they would start answering phone calls from other districts. Dr. Lindley could retire, right? That might be my inclination, were I in his shoes, if the remaining members get the ‘thumbs down’ from the SB. We don’t need a new Super from elsewhere we need one of these guys to step into the role and see how it shakes down and back-fill their positions; my opinion only.

    I know very little of Myra Forrest and her time here…I don’t object to her the way I would Georeno being ‘resurrected’.

    This ‘interim’ super position seems stupid to me when you have an Asst. on staff, too!1

  2. Are Dr. Lindley & Dr. Sparagana interested? I was very impressed with both of them at the Neighborhood Schools meeting. They should definitely be considered as well.

    It does seem a waste of money to hire an interim superintendent when PSD already has the two capable adminstrators in place mentioned above.

    Also agree about the Georeno resurrection!

  3. I fear that this position will be filled by someone chosen directly by Mr Hylton to further his own agenda! He needs a yes man superindentent not someone who will challenge his self given authority!

  4. I am not sure either of the Dr.s would want the job…there are soo many promises for change and betterment and soo many let-downs; I think they are both optimistic but equally frustrated (I would be, too!!). I think either of them would do us a great service but ONLY if they are given assurances they could ‘do the job’ and not be undermined by the SB. Hylton was even quoted in a Merc article (about the early contract extensions) as saying we might be at risk for losing them by not giving them the opportunity to seek that post; wonder if he really means that. IF he did he’d be tooting thier horns as being candidates for replacement.

    Were I in a position to have any say I would’ve made a resolution to the SB to not seek applicants for the post until having had the opportunity to meet with them and see what they had in mind and depending on their reply higher for the vacant position.

    Truly, I think we will loose ALL of them sooner rather than later and everyone can smell the ‘stink of things to come’ IF the voting bloc doesn’t become fractured. This SB is a lot like the Northern Schylkill County one that failed to provide quality and acted too lofty to be touched…8 were removed by a judge (then he appointed 4 new members to serve)…check it out for yourself!!

    Google: “dysfuntional school boards” and “bad behavior on school boards”…you might find some interesting things go on all over. Sad about the Kansas schools…are we next???

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