Hylton Gets A Green Light For More Secret Meetings

So it seems the PSD solicitor, Stephen Kalis, feels hush-hush Hylton didn’t do anything wrong when he excluded the majority of the school board from his Neighborhood Schools Committee recommendations.  The details were sprung on the the majority of the school board and the community last Monday night.

Great, let’s encourage this stealthy behavior.  Evidently the Sunshine Law doesn’t have any teeth.  Maybe some super Polygrip is in order?  Where is Martha Raye when we need her?

I have “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad” running through my head.  All aboard, the PSD train has been hijacked and is headed toward financial ruin.

And who really uses words like salubrious in conversation?  Was that in the Reader’s Digest?

3 comments on “Hylton Gets A Green Light For More Secret Meetings

  1. This behavior is completely unacceptable, you are right Roy! It was not that long ago that Hylton’s buddy Garner (on Hylton’s behalf, for sure) would sit at every SB meeting accusing the Board of the very thing that he, himself, is now guilty of. How does that saying go – those who live in glass houses…

    If any of your readers are feeling like it might be time for them to step-up and be heard regarding this inappropriate and unethical (if not illegal) nonsense that is happening on the PSD school board, perhaps they would like to join forces with Code Blue.

    Code Blue is a grass-roots citizens fiscal watchdog group. We have a decentralized leadership – no one is “in charge,” we simply work together implementing agreed upon ideas for the betterment of our community, specifically those which effect the district and its students.

    We believe decisions made by the School Board and School District should be centered around education, first and foremost.

    We are against frivolous expenditures, personal agendas and politicking within our School District and its elected officials.

    We are for ethical leadership and giving power back to the people – where it truly belongs.

    Code Blue has recently become affiliated with CPR, and now falls under their organizational umbrella.

    Anyone who would like to be part of the Code Blue group and ATTEND meetings with us can pop us an email us at CodeBlue19464@ymail.com. We also have a facebook page called Code Blue Pottstown.

    The “Blue” wave is growing in Pottstown and all like-minded folks are welcome – let’s make it a “Blue” tsunami!

    Power to the Pottstown People!

    Amy Francis

  2. I just wish I could understand how this ‘discussion’ paper is going to have enough time to be digested and analyized by Wednesday by the paid professionals…they have no options to consider as far as this not-so-well thought out proposal goes; I guess they will support it or dispute it since there appears to be no time for discussion before this looming QSCB application deadline. It seems like that may have been the strategy all along?

    Speaking of strategy, what is the PSD’s strategic plan for the here and now and into the future??? I’d really like to know! I did some (stress on some) looking at other district’s websites to find that they clearly post their strategic plan, mission and vision; where, in the mass of square footage data, is this spelled out?

    Further, these items are usually arrived at with a good working relationship between SB and Admin – we don’t see this. In fact, I think we see exactly the opposite in Pottstown. By not allowing the Admin to do the job we seek out and higher them to do our money is not well-spent; is it fiscally responsibile to not utilize resources you pay for???

    So much for information sharing and Open Government, huh!! I suppose the ‘new regime’ is content to fill us in on a ‘need-to-know’ basis while perpetuating the ‘culture of secrecy’ they claim to oppose. Amy is right…those who live in glass houses…

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