Another Pottstown Manufacturer Is Closing Up Shop

I really hate reporting this kind of news!

Neapco is moving their remaining 90 Pottstown borough based jobs to Nebraska. Nebraska offered them better incentives to move there versus staying in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.  Shades of Mrs. Smith!

Some people may be offered the opportunity to move (personally I would not be moving to boring Nebraska).  Looks like 2011 will be when the majority of the jobs leave town.  Neapco has been in Pottstown for over 80 years.  In 2001 350 people worked at Neapco.  Today there are about 90 jobs.

Wonder what Nebraska offered to sweeten the pot?  I think the powers that be, like Ed Rendell, better find out and try and stop things like this from happening again.   First Mrs. Smith’s moves to Oklahoma and now Neapco is moving to Nebraska.

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