Tom Hylton Strikes Yet Again!!

Tom is sure keeping me busy this week.  I read in today’s Pottstown Mercury that our tree hugging school board member is making secret visits to elementary schools without advising the rest of the school board.

I am starting to wonder if Tom has a learning disability because he never benefits from his previous mistakes.  Most people stop repeating bad behavior that continually gets them in hot water.

There is a reason we have a set number of people on the school board i.e more than two.  You should be working as a group and everyone should always know what’s going on.  It is called communication.  People who lurk in the shadows and seek to hide their activities are a huge blip on my radar.

Again, Tom needs to learn to work and play well with others. 

Valerie, you should really distance yourself from this person before you get the same reputation.  Whether this visit was intentionally mutually exclusive or if it was just a “slip up” doesn’t matter.  The public perception of this kind of activity is very negative and arouses suspicion.  I would hate to see you labeled as a Hyltonite.

The problem here is not that Polly Weand and others got their information from SavePottstown!.  The problem is, this visit should have been discussed at a board meeting and all the members should have been informed it was a. talking place and b. asked if they cared to attend.  Board members should never have to find out about official business transpiring from a source outside of a meeting.  This is just WRONG!

Pottstown Council Gets Their Act Together Regarding Economic Development

I read, with much delight, in today’s Pottstown Mercury that Pottstown Borough Council has made a historic decision regarding economic development that will finally propel us forward on the road to economic recovery.

For years, efforts on the economic development front have been fragmented and lacking a unified voice.  A new partnership has been forged which will merge all the fragments into one entity, thereby increasing political clout and sending out a clear message of what Pottstown’s game plan is to recover.

Using the model created in Johnstown, PA, Pottstown will move forward economically.  Pottstown is in a better position to rebound than Johnstown so if this strategy worked there, it should work here.  That is, if we can stop shooting ourselves in the collective foot, move forward with a plan and stop squabbling amongst ourselves for all the world to see.

The Pottstown Area Industrial Development Corporation will be restructured with a new executive director who will possess regional or national credentials!  AWESOME!  Bring in an expert from outside the area without the local baggage and a positive attitude.

Kudos to Council for taking this courageous step forward.  Team work is the direction to go.  This project is too big for one group.  It needs all the major players at the table, speaking the same language.

We look forward to the future and what this new mindset brings!

The Hater-Aid Continues Against Councilman Rhoads

I read, with much disgust, a letter to the editor in today’s Pottstown Mercury lambasting Jody Rhoads.

This is getting old folks. 

1.  Jody does not hate trees.  He wants us to be responsible with trees.  Trees have their place but not at the expense of taxpayers in this borough.  Sorry if this does not compute.

2.  Mr. Hylton, rules the Shade Tree Commission with an iron fist and is arbitrary in his treatment of taxpayers with tree problems.   Trees are NOT more important than people.  They are wonderful and I am glad we have so many BUT they should not present a hardship to homeowners.  Trees do NOT pay taxes!!!!!!!!!

3.  The Shade Tree Commission has entirely too much money and too much power to be controlled by Mr. Hylton.  Until Jody came along, the rest of you were like bobble-head dolls and went along with whatever the Shade Tree Czar commanded from on high. 

4.  I believe this letter was “encouraged” as it smacks of a paid political announcement during campaign time.  Frankly, I dislike paid political announcements.

A new day is dawning in Pottstown.  Let the elected officials run this town and shut down these agenda lobbyists while there is still time!

Celebrity Endorsement Insurance

Looks like everyone’s favorite sex addict, Tiger Woods has started a precedent on Madison Avenue.  Companies are looking for ways to protect themselves when their spokesperson, for example, has sex with dozens of people, ruins his/her reputation and gives the company they represent a black eye with consumers.

Companies are also starting to add morals clauses into contracts for celebrity endorsers so they can drop them like the proverbial “hot potato” if you have a lapse in judgement.

Forbes Magazine Top Web Celeb 25 List

This is a great list if you are interested in learning more about the internet, social media/marketing, tech stuff, finance, gossip, entertainment etc….  These are people who are not necessarily well known to many people but are making a big name for themselves and $$$ using the internet:

  1. Perez Hilton –
  2. Michael Arrington –
  3. Pete Cashmore –
  4. Evan Williams & Biz Stone –
  5. Kevin Rose –
  6. Guy Kawasaki –
  7. Heather “Dooce” Armstrong –
  8. Tila “Tequila” Nguyen –
  9. Gary Vaynerchuk –

10.  Corey Doctorow –

11.  Om Malik –

12.  Leo Laporte –

13.  Frank Warren –

14.  Robert Scoble –

15.  Chris Brogan –

16.  Wil Wheaton –

17.  Matt Drudge –

18.  Danny Sullivan –

19.  Jeff Jarvis –

20.  John Dvorak –

21.  Ana Marie Cox –

22.  Ree Drummond –

23.  Jason Calacanis – & (search engine)

24.  Seth Godin –

25.  Shane Dawson –

Jersey Shore Cast Minus Ronnie Does The Today Show

Very interesting interview (Meredith Viera) with six of the major players from MTV’s Jersey Shore on the Today Show.  Yes, they are young, like to party and have fun.  However, JWOWW, has two bachelor’s degrees and Vinnie graduated from college and is getting ready to take his LSTAT (Law School Administration Test)…

The may have gel in their hair and a fake tan, but don’t jump to the conclusion they have empty heads.  Love ’em or hate ’em… Jersey Shore returns for season two and filming starts in the next month!

Grammy Awards

I just watched two segments from last night’s show:  Lady Gaga w/ Sir Elton John (show opener) and Pink.  Both amazing.  Last night’s show garnered the largest audience in the last six years and had 25.8 million viewers.  Needless to say the Grammy’s won their time slot!

Gaga’s red carpet dress was so Jane Jetson meets Glinda, Good Witch of the North.  The shoes were amazing.  How does one actually walk in those?  Like stilts, LOL!

I can’t stay up that late so thankfully there is tons of footage from last night’s show floating around the internet.

Did you watch the Grammy’s?? Any thoughts??