Tiger In Sex Rehab

Is it just me or do y’all find this whole thing bizarre.

First of all, sex rehab in Hattiesburg, MS…not sure exactly where a sex rehab clinic should be… but Mississippi????

Secondly, what the heck is sex rehab, exactly?  People are unable keep their zipper up and all of a sudden it is an addiction and not their fault they are a skank???  Are we enabling these people?  First David Duchovney, now Tiger Woods.

Maybe I am just too old for all this nonsense but it all just seems too much to comprehend.

Fox Woos Conan

The last Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien had 8 million viewers, which was 1 million more than his début show.

Fox is in negotiations with Conan to bring him to the network in a late night capacity.  Fox’s last foray into a late night show was Chevy Chase which was cancelled after 4 weeks. 

Whoever gets Conan will capture the current wave of popularity his departure from “the peacock” has generated.

American Idol Simon Cowell Replacement Rumor

This is rich!

Martha “ankle bracelet” Stewart has thrown her hat into the ring as a possible replacement for Simon Cowell next year.  Sweet Mama!  Say it’s not so.  Martha said she is ideal because she is “fair”.  Hmmmm… let me ask Rachel Ray about that and I’ll get back to you Martha.