Pottstown School Board

I just watched, with some interest, the first 3 parts of the Neighborhood Schools meeting on the Mercury website.

This renovation plan that Tom has “cooked up” is throwing up red flags everywhere.  Many board member have concerns about increasing PSD’s current $34 million debit and getting ourselves in over our collective heads if asbestos or mold issues crop up during window replacement and installation of geothermal heating equipment.

The savings are not enough to justify the cost.

Again, I will state the obvious.  We have no money.  We can not afford to take out a loan, even at zero interest, to pay for this.  It is not cost efficient.  Unless we get grant money that does not need repayment, this idea is out of the question.

Tom, please drive thru. 


Legion, A Review

Caught Sony’s new flick Legion on Friday at the Fairgrounds Mall Cinema in Reading.  Good crowd for an afternoon matinée.

Two apocalypse films in one week, LOL!  Two very different films for sure.  The premise for Legion is that God gets fed up with us again (imagine that) and he is going to wipe out human kind.  Since He promised to never again flood the earth, he was sending his angels to do the job.

Dennis Quaid, Kate Walsh, Charles Dutton and Tyrese are the big names in the film.  Interesting premise, good special effects and the story is good.   I saw some not so good reviews but everybody has their opinion.  Lots of action and the ending was cool.

I liked it.  Maybe you might as well…hard to say.

What Are The Odds???

Every week, my girlfriend and I go out for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights.   Usually a cheap meal on Friday and a nicer meal on Saturday. 

Friday we went to Arby’s on Shoemaker Rd. for our fast-food meal.  All was going well except there was this hyper kid running around like a nut while we were waiting for our order.  The restaurant wasn’t busy.  There were tons of empty tables but, of course, they had to sit right behind us with spaz-boy.  The kid is jumping up and down on the seat, batting at the light fixture etc… while the parents are doing squat to stop him.

As usual, I finished way before Dawn.  While I am talking to her as she is eating, she makes this face, lays down her sandwich and says “I can’t eat any more”.  Wanna know why?????  Because spaz-boy hurled all over the table, the floor, the seat etc… She had taken one bite of her sandwich.  We went back to her house so she could finish her meal.

Saturday night we had a coupon for Friendly’s on Shoemaker Rd.  They have some new menu items and we decided that sounded good.  They seat us in front of a family with two children.  We order.  We get our soup.  Dawn takes about three bites, lays down her spoon and says “Not again”.  Wanna know why???  The one kid hurled all over the table.  God pity the people who were directly across the aisle.  They couldn’t finish their dessert.  So the mother stands up and announces that she is going to the restroom to wash the “puke” off…..  OMG did you really have to say puke while people are eating all around you.


So they left and the staff cleaned up the mess pronto.  Dawn was fortunately able to eat after that.  I had my back to it both nights.  She said this wasn’t as bad as Arby’s, the night before, thankfully since we hadn’t even gotten our entrees yet!

Can you even believe the luck?????  Be afraid.  Be very afraid!