Pottstown Isn’t Alone In Revenue Freefall

Here is an interesting article from the York Dispatch regarding the plight of cities in Pennsylvania.  Cities (and boroughs) need other sources of revenue besides the antiquated property tax system which is leaving many communities cash strapped because of falling property values.  Sound familiar Pottstown residents??


New Pottstown School Board Woes

Once again, another group in this town that can not get along.  Problem number one is a certain bossy tree hugger who knows everything.  I am tired of agendas.

Clearly there are more important things to worry about than energy efficient windows and geo-thermal heating for our elementary schools.  If  the district had extra money lying around and could afford to invest in a project this big (like Manheim Central School District in Lancaster County) that would be another story.

Comparing Pottstown SD to Manheim Central SD is apples and oranges.  I lived in Lancaster County for a number of years and am familiar with Manheim Central SD (which is mostly middle and upper middle class residents).

I must agree with Polly Weand.  We have no idea what could be uncovered when we start replacing things.  If we have an asbestos problem where will the extra money come from to pay for that? Also, the district and the town are already cash strapped so where is the extra money to pay for a no interest loan?  Loans require repayment, whether there is interest or not.  What Mr. Hylton should be looking for is GRANTS and other free money that does not cost taxpayers more money aka a TAX HIKE.

The remaining members of the board need to shut Hylton down before he gets us suckered into something else Pottstown can ill afford.

You could always donate your $93,000.00 from the tree fund to help pay for this. Your precious trees do not pay taxes, Tom!