Kate Gosselin – She’s Back!

Egads!!  What I feared most has happened.  Fame whore Kate Gosselin is getting her OWN reality show.  It will just feature Kate…sans kids. 

Evidently TLC (The Loco Channel) is putting her back on the airwaves later this year.  As of this writing the show has no title but Kate will be thrown into different jobs to see how she does.  LORD HAVE MERCY!

Somebody is stretching her 15 minutes way past the expiration date!

Pottstown Borough Budget Revisited

More 11th hour hijinx with taxpayer’s money!  Why should a police chief need a clothing allowance?  I mean seriously!  Councilman Rhoads was correct in voting NO.  $800 is needlessly being wasted when this individual makes $98k.  I think Flanders can afford to buy his own clothes for cryin’ out loud!

Why at the last minute was Flanders’ raise bumped up a half of a percent?  The idea here is to cut fat from the budget.  I have not gotten a raise in years because my employer is nonprofit and can not afford to give me one.  I think Pottstown Borough is not in a position to give raises either.  When you are this far in the HOLE you can not afford to spend money you do not have.

It never ceases to amaze me that the school board and council spend money like we have an orchard of money trees that can be harvested at will.  We are flat broke and there is no more money.  You can not squeeze the people of this town any further. Why is this a difficult concept for people to grasp???

After reading the Mercury article, it sounds as though Flanders has not actually “opted out” of his health insurance that will save Pottstown $20,000.00.  Is there a timeline here?  How long does Flanders have to decide if he is opting out and taking the additional week of vacation?  It seems a mute point to be making until he actually opts out of his health insurance and actually saves the money.

Inquiring minds want to know!!!

American Idol Season 9

Did you watch the show last night from Beantown?  What did you think?  Tonight we head to Atlanta. 

Some real weirdos last night and some excellent talent.  Looking forward to what tonight brings.  Victoria Beckham did a great job…loved her giving Simon a hard time, LOL!

Numbers just in….looks like almost 30 million viewers tuned in last night.  Guess we’ll see if this is sustainable.  Ellen isn’t even on yet so that’s pretty good.  Idol is still numero uno!

Sarah Palin Finds A Home At Fox News

I just watched a clip of Sarah Palin being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly on The Factor.  Perez Hilton has a clip on his website of part of the interview, if you missed it.

I was impressed by her answers.  She was well spoken and confident.  It’s a shame that her detractors are so hateful.  You may not agree with her politics but calling her “dumb” seems inaccurate and unfair.  Just sayin…