First Paula, Now Simon

The American Idol franchise will suffer another loss after this season.  Perpetually crabby judge, Simon Cowell, announced that this will be his last season.  After nine years, Simon wants to focus on one show (X Factor).

This might be my last season watching Idol, depending on who they replace Simon with.  Talk about big shoes to fill.

The end of an era folks!

Jersey Shore’s Snooki Gets Justice

For those of you who watch MTV’s Jersey Shore, you may remember the recent episode where Snooki got punched in the face by a dude when the gang was at a bar.

Let’s just say under no circumstances should a male punch a female.  Especially a harmless person like Snooki.  Okay, she can be mouthy and annoying but that doesn’t justify punching a girl.

Brad Ferro, a gym teacher (OMG) at North Queens Community High School was sent to a teacher reassignment center after being charged.  Now that he has been found guilty, he is being fired!  GOOD!

Glad to see Brad won’t be around children any more since he obviously has problems controlling his temper!