Season Ends For The Philadelphia Eagles

Hopefully between now as next season, somebody will do some serious thinking about what’s not working here and make some changes.

Again, the Eagles were pounded by the Cowgirls and it was painful.

Chunky Soup needs to be replaced along with Andy Reid.  11 years is long enough and we just can’t seem to get it done.  Donovan thinks this was the second best season in his 11 years.  Well Donovan, I hate to disagree with you but you didn’t even win the NFC East and lost in the first round of the playoffs.  You lost games you should not have and squeeked by on games that should have been easy victories.  I see nothing to be very proud of.

Hoping something changes before next season!

Gourmet Buffet Pottstown

Not sure how many people eat or used to eat at Gourmet Buffet in Pottstown but I will share this for your information.

We stopped eating at Gourmet Buffet almost a year ago after we noticed the food quality was going downhill fast and the last straw was when then fired the manager.  Our last visit there left us totally grossed out because the restaurant was a dirty and the food was disgusting.

Recently, some friends told us they rehired the old manager and that the food was really good again.  We checked it out last night and boy were they right.  All the things we loved about Gourmet Buffet were back and more.  The food was again fresh, delicious and they had a large variety.  The place was clean and the help was drastically improved.  They were pretty busy!

If you stopped going like we did, it’s safe to go back in the pool!