Pottstown Budget And New Council

The new Council overrode outgoing mayor, Sharon Thomas’ veto of the proposed 2010 Pottstown Borough Municipal Budget in their first meeting. 

This is not surprising, however, at least there are some people who are trying to be financially prudent with taxpayer money in this town.  Unfortunately, Mayor Thomas made enemies doing this the first time, which cost her the election.  So much for independent thinking being rewarded.

On a positive note, it appears the new Council is making a big effort to work together and put party differences aside for the general good.  I was also happy to see that Councilman Jody Rhoads feels optimistic about this new group.

Let’s get some work done and help Pottstown live up to its potential.

Pottstown Christmas Decorations

In a follow up post, I would like to say kudos to whoever was responsible for putting up the snowflakes.  It appears that most of or all of the lights were fixed this year.  The downtown looked ten times better than last year. 

The snowflakes are needed to make the downtown more festive as the garland wrapped light posts don’t give off sufficient light on their own.

Thanks for showing some civic pride Pottstown!

Tiger Woods

Sweet mama will this story ever go away.  Now one of his concubines (Loredana Jolie Ferriolo) is stating his barn door swings both ways.  OMG!  Somebody better get tested! 

Sounds like if it’s breathing, it’s a turn on!

Mariah Carey

So what’s with Mimi giving acceptance speeches sloshed?  Twice this week Mariah has made acceptance speeches drunk. 

Do you think you can keep it to a minimum until after the time you might have to get up in public and talk!  Geeze, what a lush!