Eagles vs Cowboys

What in the hell kinda playing was that yesterday???  Seriously, they should just stay home if they are going to play that lousy!

24-0  is just pathetic.  The cheerleaders should have been put in.  They would have at least been better to look at!

Reid and McNabb better pull it together.  How can this team play so great one week and completely SUCK the next??  It defies logic!

Sometimes it’s painful to be a fan!

One comment on “Eagles vs Cowboys

  1. No it doesn’t. I have been watching this shit since I was born in 1952. I am Philly kid. this what the Eagles do. Great one week and then stink the joint out the next. The eagles break your heart. They always do. The Eagles “D” diddn’t blitz or pressure on Romo all day. The shitheads do this next Sunday Bye-Bye. The “O” played okay. Too many dropped passes and missed catches. I hoping but I known the bums will break my heart.

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