Eagles vs Cowboys

What in the hell kinda playing was that yesterday???  Seriously, they should just stay home if they are going to play that lousy!

24-0  is just pathetic.  The cheerleaders should have been put in.  They would have at least been better to look at!

Reid and McNabb better pull it together.  How can this team play so great one week and completely SUCK the next??  It defies logic!

Sometimes it’s painful to be a fan!

New Computer

Hello readers!

I have some exciting news!  I finally got a decent computer that will hopefully make blogging easier and faster.  Got a super deal at Best Buy right here in Pottstown tonight.  My “real” computer got fried and I have been using a Dell Optiplex GS1 from the 1990’s that was barely internet worthy!  The hard drive was only 6 gig if that tells you anything, LOL!

My new computer is an Acer Aspire which is a desktop pc that is about the size of a potholder and maybe two inches wide.  It’s way cool and takes up hardly any room.  Now I can reorg my computer desk.

Gotta keep running all the updates etc… but tomorrow I will have time to get some new stuff on here.

Later gaters!