Avatar News

James Cameron is taking about making a sequel to Avatar already!   OMG I hope so!  The door was left open at the end for more adventures so we can only hope that’s the case.

Did you see Avatar?

2 comments on “Avatar News

  1. Not Yet – But I’m hoping to!!
    Are there 2 separate versions out there?

    I noticed our theater says “Avatar (3D)”
    so I didn’t know if there are 2 versions, or if this is just informational…

  2. It is being show in 3D and digital. We opted to do digital as the 3D would probably be overload and based on what we say, it would have been too much for us. However, some people may like that. I just know how I am and Chris felt the same way. It’s a fabulous movie. Hope you get to see it while it’s on the big screen.

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