Farewell Sharon Valentine-Thomas

Pottstown Mayor Sharon Valentine-Thomas made her farewell address to Council this week.  Mayor Thomas will be missed!  She brought class and diginity to the office of mayor and made her presence known at countless events in the life of this town over the last four years.

I had the opportunity to get to know Mayor Thomas over the last year and found her to be a very pleasant person who cares deeply about Pottstown.  It’s a shame that the pathetic voter turn out in the last election caused her role as mayor to come to an end by a few dozen votes.

I think the incoming mayor and new council have A LOT of work to do.   I sincerely hope that you all get your act together and get ‘er done!  We need more people on council like Jody Rhoads who will work for the citizens of Pottstown instead of their own special interests.

I will be watching and reporting as we move forward!

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