Adam Lambert Discusses His AMA Peformance On The CBS Early Show

Adam Lambert discussed his sexually charged performance on the CBS Early Show.  The interviewer (Maggie Rodriguez) didn’t let Adam off too lightly.  She tried to drive the point home that you can’t do those kinds of things on national television because you don’t know who is watching.

Adam actually wasn’t as arrogant as I have seen him in the past.  While he wouldn’t offer an apology, he did relucantly admit that he’s new at all this and is “learning”.  In the future he would be more likely to stick to the rehearsed performance.

Adam said his background is the theatre so he tends to gauge his performance by who he sees in the audience.  He wasn’t thinking about children since it was nearly 11:00 pm.  Adam has consistently said he’s not a babysitter and parents should monitor what their children watch.  However, when pressed, he admitted in the future he would be more mindful when on television.

I suppose that’s a start.  Getting caught up in the moment is only going to go so far.  Adam is still responsible for Adam.  He also admitted it was not his best vocal performance.  I agree with that!  Too much screaming!!

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