Limerick Township Budget Woes

I’m going to tell you people the same thing I told West Pottsgrove.  Do you think ahead much?  Did anybody think to talk to Coventry Mall officials about crime stats?  You could have gotten a ball park number to work with. 

All this development comes with a price.  These townships do not have the infrastructure in place to handle massive development projects.  Retail operations are police intensive people.  Do you read the police botter in The Mercury much?  There are constantly people being arrested at the mall for shoplifting.

Sorry, can’t jump on the pity-party bandwagon with all y’all.  Pottstown continues to get skirted with developement despite being hub of this area.  There are plenty of brownfield sites, close to 422, that could be developed into shopping and entertainment venues.  Easy access on and off the highway.  Pottstown has a larger infrastructure already in place and would be able to handle developement more easily.

Don’t give me that bologna about nobody will come into Pottstown for anything either.  Any events on High Street draw thousands of people.  If there is something worth doing, people will come into town to participate. 

All along Industrial Highway and in the Keystone Opportunity Zone there are areas ripe for development. 

Look at Bethlehem, PA and what they are doing with the old Bethlehem Steel site.  We have an old Bethlehem Steel site and other areas that could benefit from brownfield development.  Somebody needs to promote economic development in this town and it is NOT getting done.

What will it take to get the leadership in this town to work toward economic development?  Somebody better step up!

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