PMMC Board Of Directors Meeting Visited By Union Representatives And Members Tonight

Tonight’s Board Of Directors Meeting for Pottstown Memorial Medical Center had a larger than normal audience.  The meeting was held in a classroom at the Chestmont Professional Building, across from the hospital. 

Dozens of hospital workers, union officials and press packed the small room while PMMC CEO John Kirby presented the board with a power point presentation outlining the growth and changes at the hospital.

Dr. Whitaker, Chairman of the Board, allowed comments and questions from the audience regarding the benefit changes being proposed by CHS (the owner of PMMC).  One hospital employee passed a petition of support for the union workers to the Board of Directors and asked if anyone would sign it as a show of solidarity to the employees of our community hospital. 

John Kirby answered all the questions that were presented.  He deferred discussing most talking points due to the ongoing contract negotions process that was already in place. 

The meeting was fairly short and we were thanked for our time and interest in attending by Dr. Whitaker.  The meeting was adjourned. 

There was a brief rally in the parking lot to discuss any impact tonight’s visit may have made on the board.

The contract negotiations are continuing but without much success.

Pottstown Mayor Sharon Thomas was there to show her support for hospital employees.  Doug Pike, Democratic candidate for the US House of Representatives 6th Congressional District, was also in attendance to show his support for hospital workers.

I was able to snap a few pictures, despite the darkness, to capture the moment for my readers.

Picture 010

Picture 004

Picture 011

3 comments on “PMMC Board Of Directors Meeting Visited By Union Representatives And Members Tonight

  1. Since this community and area depend and rely on PMMC for their public health, welfare and safety, I would hate to see this public health and safety diminished or jeopardized because of a contractual dispute at the hospital, which could result in loosing quality and highly qualified medical professionals.

    Also, since between 60-70 percent of all people who enter into the Medical/Health Care System enter through EMS; and since in this community- area, this entry is through the PMMC, again I would not want to see this diminished or lost due to contractual issues at the PMMC.

    PJ McGill
    Sanatoga, PA
    Past President [1989-1993]
    Legislative Dir [1993-2001]
    PA Paramedic Association

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