Creed’s Highly Anticipated Comeback Tour

It appears from sources on the internet that Creed’s highly anticipated “comeback tour” isn’t exactly generating many ticket sales. 

The band is performing in Birmingham, AL this Friday night.  Tickets are on sale for .75!  Yes, you are seeing that correctly… seventy-five CENTS.  The ticket distribution charge is $2.50 or more than the actual cost of the ticket!

This might be a short “comeback”.  So Sad 😦

A Funny

So a friend of mine posted this on Facebook and it’s too good not to share!

I actually saw a guy with a sign walking up to cars asking for $’s……the sign said NEED BUS MONEY TO HAWAII….what bus is that?

That is too funny.  Wonder if the North End Loop extended it’s coverage area, LOL!!!!!!

Raven’s Rage, Order Of The Claw Available October 13th!

Philadelphia author Kerry L. Marzock’s second novel, Raven’s Rage, Order Of The Claw will be available starting Tuesday, October 13th.  You can order her novel from   Get this awesome horror novel just in time for Halloween!  For more information on Kerry, see my interview under the Literature Category.

Ravens-Rage, Order Of The Claw