According To The UN Quality Of Life List Norway Is # 1

Give me a freakin’ break!!! Norway!!! Right…it’s freezing cold, the location sucks and there is nothing to do unless you like ice fishing and chewing on whale blubber.  Do they have the Eagles!?!  I think NOT!  HA!  Who would want to live there.  No hoagies, soft pretzels, Tastykakes, Entenmann’s, Wawa, Flyers, 76er’s and this list goes on and on.

The population of Norway roughly equals the state of Colorado and it has a land mass slightly larger than Wyoming.  The capital and largest city Oslo is a tad smaller than Boston.  There are four other cities with over 100,000 people.  The state of Pennsylvania has 12 million people and the Philadelphia Metropolitan area contains a larger population than the entire COUNTRY of Norway.  And again I must point out they have no hoagies or Eagles football.

The United States is 13th!!! We were beat out by Iceland and Australia.  Iceland!!! WTF!  Did they pass around a crack pipe before voting?!? 

I think the UN should move to Norway if it’s so awesome there.  Good riddance!

A Good October Poem :)


I know a brute
who eats rotten fruit,
farmers hogs
and occasionally stray dogs.

He doesn’t make a fuss
over sores that pus,
or body odor so foul
it’s like a hundred dead owls.

His revolting smile
makes my stomach churn bile.
His gums have begun oozing,
it’s my lunch that I’m losing.

His breath could rot wood
and kill Red Riding Hood.
Bring strong men to their knees
begging spare their lives please.

His hair has more lice
than a sewer has mice.
His hands comb like big rakes
then it snows with great flakes.

Sometime he farts a great melody,
but usually it’s silent and deadly.
He can belch a great chorus
and clear an acre of forest.

But he’s not unhappy in the least
since his wife’s the Wicked Witch of the East.
Wasn’t she squashed by a house you say?
Yes, so he killed Scarecrow and used all his hay.

Then Cowardly Lion who just got his courage,
was all chopped up and added to the porridge.
Dorothy and Toto were next on the list,
so he ground them to a pulp with his big giant fist.

What about the Tinman, what happened to him?
Well he’s the brute I’m talking about, his name is Tim.
He wore the costume so all would not see,
the monster inside who just wanted to live free.

So how do I know him, am I his friend?
No, I’m just a fly on the wall whose life’s coming to an end.
Heed my warning; you’re not in Kansas anymore.
This land of Oz hides grisly creatures galore.


By: Jessica Schmidt

The Carousel At Pottstown

Part of the Carousel of Flavor events yesterday was a walking tour down to the carousel building to see the recent addition and to check out the carousel itself. About a dozen people took advantage of the opportunity.
The pictures give you an idea of the scope of this project.  The building seemed much larger inside than it appears from the outside.  The carousel is disassembled and you can see the different components lying around in groups.  It was nice to see the different animals, the side panels, the music maker etc…
I am looking forward to the day when the carousel is operational!  The gentleman who was talking to us said they need to raise another million dollars to do the next phase.
You can visit The Carousel at Pottstown’s website to learn more.Picture 026Picture 025





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