Gaga And Kanye Cancel Fame Kills Tour – Mutual Decision

Citing creative differences, Lady Gaga and Kanye West have cancelled their joint tour.  Smart move Gaga!  Kanye “the ass” is going to take some time off while Lady Gaga is going on tour in a few weeks herself. 

Distancing one’s self from an ego-centric jackass of epic proportions is always the right choice.  For whatever reason.

Why does anybody both with Kanye??  He is NOT that talented.  Sorry!

Reading PA Budget Woes aka The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

And some people think Pottstown is the black hole of the universe and FUBAR etc…  Get a load of this crap from 18 miles west on 422, in our state’s 5th largest city.  We have some problems here but they pale in scope, even taking into consideration the size difference.  However, that being said, if this Council doesn’t get their act together and soon….we will be following in Reading’s footsteps.  Act 47 is not some place you really want to go.

Read the comments at the bottom!  What a range of emotion!

Then read this if you haven’t already.  Good grief!