Pottstown Shade Tree Commission

An Amy Wolf of Pottstown wrote a letter to the Editor, which appeared in Thursday’s Pottstown Mercury, castigating Councilman Jody Rhoads for bringing discord to Pottstown.

Well Amy…did you bother to attend the last farce of a meeting that 15 of us sat through?  If so, Mr. Rhoads explained what he is trying to do.  He is trying to get accountability from the Commission and trying to keep homeowners with tree problems from having to decide between paying their taxes and having a tree removed when Trees Inc. has $91.000.00 in their bank account that Mr. Hylton is holding on to for a rainy day.

Replacing a roof or hotwater heater is at least a capital improvement to someone’s home.  Being forced to remove a tree you didn’t plant and that was planted in an inappropriate location should not be the homeowners reponsibility.  Then being forced to replant a tree in the same ridiculous place or be fined is futher insult to injury.

To the homeowner who can’t afford tree removal, this is a big Pottstown issue.  Everbody may not have the funds available.  Also, Mr. Rhoads stated at the poorly attended STC meeting that he had at least tried to get money but had so far been unsuccessful.  The rest of the members had done NOTHING!  One STC member said she raises money for all kinds of causes but trees aren’t her thing…out loud even!!!

Maybe you should attend the meetings or pay closer attention!

One comment on “Pottstown Shade Tree Commission

  1. I’m one of those people that needs a tree removed – the roots are clogging my pipes – and for now we have to get a guy in to unclog them every so often till that tree comes down – And who is going to remove the roots from my pipes!!

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