Owen J. Roberts “Gang Of Five” Are At It Again

Looks like the situation at Owen J. Roberts is still far from resolved.  There are plots within plots, secret meetings and agendas.  What about the education of the students??  It seems as though education is the last thing on certain people’s minds. 

You people better get your act together before the district’s reputation is ruined!!!

OMG this just in – look what made the Philadelphia Inquirer –


This is a black eye!

Today’s Question…Why are people still driving giant gas guzzling cars??

As I made my way down Grace Street a few minutes ago, a mini van was taking their half out of the middle of the road and more.  I am always amazed that people still drive these jumbo vehicles that waste gas and more often than not, they can’t drive  because it’s too big.  Parking must be a bee.

Happy First Day Of Fall Pottstown!!!

Summer is officially over and we start a new season today.  Hopefully we will have a nice mild fall and not a horrendous winter. 

Looking forward to changing leaves and the holidays to come.  There are alot of upcoming activities that I recently posted on here.  I will try and repost as the dates draw near.