Obama’s latest health care idea

So let’s fine people who can’t afford health insurance and can’t get it through their work $3800.00 a year. WTF is up with that stupid idea! Basically that amounts to $300+ dollars a month! If people can’t afford $300 a month for health insurance already, how could they afford the fine??

Maybe we can increase the homeless population with ideas like this!


Whistle Radio 102.7 Tonight at 9 PM. Be there!

Tonight 9pm, a Live in Pa replay,Bevin Caulfield, Evro, Kerry L Marzock and more on Whislte Radio 102.7!


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What a great show, with interviews, music, and poetry, live preformances, and a perfect way to lead in to next weeks show! Which will have Ellen Lerner, Paul Kurrey, Dave Alexander, David Wannop, Kerry L Marzock, Only Human, and Paula Lizzi, as well, we have Kevin Ricci, and Darlene Fogel, with music by Iota, Amos Lee, The Lowlands, and so much more! Make sure to tune in tonight at 9pm, and also next Tuesday for two great shows all live, all Pa!