West Pottsgrove Township Needs More Police

I just read with some amusement that West Pottsgrove Township needs additional police protection to deal with increased traffic and crime from Upland Square shopping center. That usually happens when you build a 100 acre shopping center some where. Didn’t anybody think about this ahead of time? What exactly gets discussed at township meetings? You can go to a developer and present projections to get additional funding for such things.

So now the poor police chief is swamped and who knows how long it will take to approve, hire and get additional police on the streets. Could be MONTHS! West Pottsgrove might want to consider getting additional coverage from Pottstown or another surrounding township while they ramp up. A more regional approach might be needed if West Pottsgrove can’t handle it.

You have to look at more than dollar signs when you agree to this kind of massive development. Don’t get me wrong, the new center is great and I am enjoying shopping there. However, a proactive approach should have been taken. Instead we are left with a reactive option that will place a great deal of stress on a small police department.

Not impressed. Township supervisors need to get their act together and fast!