Chili’s is coming to Pottstown!!!!

On my semi-weekly pilgrimage to Target (Upland Square) tonight I noticed that Chili’s is taking shape F-A-S-T!  It was after 7 pm and they were working away on a Sunday, and a holiday weekend to boot, to get ready to open.  The sign out front says they are hiring!  OMG I can’t wait to lay a lip on some of their ribs!!!  We need more restaurants!!!!   Glad we are getting another good one.  At the rate they are going it won’t be long at all!  They made a ton of progress this week!

Upland Square is an awesome shopping center.  I look forward to seeing it filled with more new and exiting things!

Some Pictures from Birdland Music And Recording In Lansdale

Just a little sneak peak at what will be coming.  Birdland Studios is located at 107 B Walnut St. in Lansdale.  Right across from the train station.

The owners are Baird Parker and Giulio Kitao.  They are great guys!  Giulio is also the guitarist in Philly Metal Band Dawn Of Correction!  Check out the band’s website: