More Downtown Improvements

Kudos to the people who spruced up the former Slack Shack property which burned to the ground YEARS ago.  The new facade gives downtown the appearance of vitality instead of well….blight!

Great job.  It looks awesome and helps with the efforts to attract businesses downtown.

Fire Damaged Building On High Street Being Rebuilt!!

It is very exciting that the hole in the 200 block of High Street is disappearing.  Almost two years ago a huge fire damaged Lastic Furniture and several other adjacent businesses.  This created an unsightly gap in the middle of downtown Pottstown.

At first it appeared as though the rebuilding had begun.  Then it stalled for what seemed like an eternity.  I was afraid it was another economic casualty but lo and behold the phoenix rises!  A nice new building is filling this space in our downtown. 

I cannot stress enough the importance of not allowing the downtown to resemble Beiruit!  Kudos to the owners for honoring their commitment to rebuild in downtown Pottstown! 

Further down High Street another burned out building is runder construction as well.  Great signs of progress for Pottstown.  People are still willing to invest here.  As long as that is the case, don’t count us out!

61 Year Old Suburban Atlanta Man Slaps Stranger’s Child At Wallyworld!

This is one for the WTF were you thinking category.  It’s one thing to slap you own kids but grabbing a stranger’s two year and and slapping her face four times at Wallyworld is quite another.  Evidently the toddler would not stop crying and the mother didn’t handle her business fast enough to suit Grandpa Walton so he took matters into his own hands (no pun intended).

He was arrested thankfully.  The child is okay.  Somebody needs some anger management.

Holiday Weekend!

Just wishing everyone a safe and happy Labor Day weekend which officially starts in a few hours.  Also, TGIF!!!

It’s hard to believe that the summer is going, going, gone.  Life goes back into high gear for most folks on Tuesday.  Summer is the fastest season of them all.  It literally is a blink of an eye.

Stay safe and enjoy the last hurrah of Summer 2009!