Back Up Off Me Cause You Don’t Know Me Like That!

I have a distinct sense of “personal space” that is frequently violated while in check out lines.  Many stores have small counters.  Don’t try and jam all your stuff on the counter before my transaction is concluded.  Don’t crawl up my ass till I can feel you breathing down my neck and DON’T try and watch while I put in the pin number for my debit card.  WTF people, that’s down right rude.  I wish I had a built in personal space violation alarm that would automatically go off when people are just TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT!

Back up off me!

Screaming, Out Of Control Children In Restaurants

Okay here goes.  WTF is up with parents who ignore their children in public while said child is making a spectacle of themselves.

This brat tonight was so loud I could not hear the waiter and I could not carry on a conversation with my girlfriend while we were trying to enjoy our dinner.

Back in the day, your mamma would have smacked your ass right then and there in front of God and everybody for acting up in public.  Sometimes you would get it again when you got home.  I am not advocating child abuse so don’t get all excited.  However, people need to establish ground rules for their children in public so the rest of us paying to eat out don’t have to be subjected to bad behavior.  What’s worse is the parent(s) sits there and acts like nothing is going on while their demon possessed child runs wild.  Not the time to “tune out” cause that’s a “cop out”.

Okay, enough said!


Evidently, I am very blessed to have so many awesome friends.  Yesterday, I was invited to my friend Gloria’s house for a picnic lunch.  We ate till we exploded.  Hamburgers on the grill. corn on the cob, watermelon and Gloria’s oldest daughter baked me a cake!  AWWWWW!  How cool was that.

We spent a nice afternoon together eating, laughing, talking and enjoying each other’s company.  Great way to spend a rainy Friday afternoon.

I am very fortunate indeed.

Michael Jackson Death Ruled Homicide!!!

Weeks after his death, Michael Jackson continues to dominate the news and social media applications.  He is still trending in Twitter! 

So who the heck would wanna murder Michael Jackson!?!  I think he was already doing a good job of killing himself!  Very sad and unfortunate.  Feel sorry for the children.  Wonder if they will ever have a normal life or just be normal?  Having money doesn’t make you a good parent.  That goes for other celebrities as well.  I hate legislating things but the children always suffer.  Not fair!  They are helpless victims.

Today would have been Michael Jackson’s 51st birthday.