Social Media

I am addicted to social media.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, websites, blogs, you name it.  Lately I have been sucked into Farm Town and Farmville on Facebook.  I now have two gigantic farms that require hours of work each day and I earn fake money for my labors.  Am I nuts already?  Oy veh!

The best benefit of Facebook is the renewed contact with my classmates from good old Canton High School.  It’s amazing that the bonds you form in school carry over many years later.  The genuine care and concern for each other is totally cool. 

Make new friends, but keep the old;  one is silver and the other is gold.

Elton John – Billy Joel

Anyone who was lucky enough to attend the Elton John – Billy Joel concert at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia on August 1st got a real treat.  What a phenominal concert!  All your favorite songs for 3 1/2 hours!  The finale was”Piano Man” which turned into a gigantic sing along with 80,000 people.  Beyond amazing.  Probably the highlight of my summer!   Check out coverage by my buddy Marcus at :

Julie and Julie

If you grew up loving Julia Child then you will really enjoy this well acted and informative story.  Meryl Streep is awesome as Julia Child.  I went to a 4:15 showing at the UA in KOP and it was PACKED!!!!!!!  Highly recommended movie.

The Goods

Hysterical potty humor.  If you liked Animal House, American Pie and Porky’s you will like this.  Lots of f-bombs so not for kids.  Jeremy Piven and Ving Rhames are awesome.  James Brolin is very funny and Will Ferrell’s cameo is beyond funny.  Just plain silly and makes you laugh.  I recommend if you like this kind of movie.

District 9

Loved it.  Awesome movie with a great story.  Liked the documentary format and the prawns were kinda cool.  I think they grew on me.  Interesting premise!  I recommend.

Philadelphia Eagles

So the addition of Michael Vick is highly controversial and has me quite upset.  I think there are other players without so much baggage that could have been sought out.  Secondly, why did Pete Rose never get a second chance??  Honestly, I think what Michael Vick did is far worse.  Not sure what I am going to do this season as far as watching games.  What are your thoughts on adding Michael Vick to the Eagles??